Facials- The Kalahari Skin Health Journey

Kalahari Skincare has discovered the ancient secrets to natural health and well being that has been hidden in the desert for generations. Kalahari is a phyto-ceutical skincare range developed over years of dedicated research by a team of botanical experts and cosmetic scientists using naturally harvested botanical ingredients. Kalahari provides visible results and treatment solutions, suitable for all skin conditions by combining innovative phyto compounding with phyto cosmetology


Honeybush Souffle Skin Treatment 45min no massage $85

Skin Type: All skin types 60min incl massage $95

A deeply relaxing facial that revitalises and nourishes dull and dehydrated skin. The natural plant extracts and rich botanical oils leave the skin silky-smooth and hydrated. This treatment is recommended as a maintenance treatment in weekly or two weekly treatments.

Lipid Rich Skin Treatment 60 min incl massage $110

Skin Type: All skin types, excludes oily and acne prone skin

Brings life back to even the driest and most dehydrated of skin using a botanical oil mask rich in essential fatty acids. These natural lipids repair the natural skin barrier resulting in ultra-hydrated and deeply moisturised skin.

Vitamin C Skin Treatment 60min no massage $110

Skin Type: All skin types 60min incl massage$120

This relaxing yet highly effective, ultra-firming, anti-aging treatment is rich in natural, organic Vitamin C and essential antioxidants which boost collagen and elastin regeneration, making your skin appear visibly firmed, brightened and tightened.

Revitalising Vita-Gel Skin Treatment 45min no massage $105

Skin Type: All skin types 60min incl massage $115

A highly effective de-ageing, revitalising and rejuvenating treatment using a combination of alpha hydroxy acids, peptides and moisture-binding ingredients to leave the skin visibly de-texurised with a more even skin tone

Phytic Clay Treatment 45min no massage $110

Skin Type: All skin types, problematic, hyperpigmented 60min incl massage $120

A proactive treatment introducing Mandelic, Glycolic and Phytic acids derived from soybean extract to accelerate collagen stimulation, targeting hyperpigmentation and de-aging while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Phyto Enzyme Compound Treatment 45min no massage $115

Skin Type: All skin types excludes sensitive skin 60min incl massage $125

A de-aging or inflamed skin condition treatment with a deep cleansing exfoliation using Pumpkin enzymes with Glycolic acid resulting in visibly brightened, clearer, de-texturised rough skin.

Bespoke Collagen Film Treatment 75min incl massage $155

Experience A decadent bespoke facial treatment using products specifically selected for your skin type and condition. Starting with a power cleanse, optimising skin function using enzymes and active ingredients, before formulating your bespoke Collagen film mask. Ending your treatment with a bespoke head, neck and shoulder massage. This treatment leaves your skin visibly firmed, brightened and hydrated.

Treatment packages

Includes specialised skin analyses followed by 4 tailored treatments. Recommendation of 2 treatments per month. For optimum results home care products are strongly recommended for use in conjunction with treatment packages.

Each package includes 1 complimentary eye treatment and 1 complimentary collagen film treatment

Anti- Aging Package: $465

Lipid Rich Skin Treatment, Revitalising Vita -Gel Skin Treatment, Phytic Clay Treatment, Vitamin C Skin Treatment

Revitalising Hydrating Package: $460

Honey Souffle Skin Treatment, Lipid Rich Skin Treatment, Revitalising Vita-Gel Skin Treatment, Vitamin C Skin Treatment

Problematic Skin Package: $440

Vitamin C Skin Treatment, Revitalising Vita-Gel Skin Treatment, Phytic Clay Treatment, Phyto Enzyme Compound Treatment


Collagen Film Treatment Add on to any facial $40

Using a Collagen Mask Device to formulate a Collagen Film mask specific for your skin condition resulting in visible results.

Vitamin C Eye Treatment 15min $40

Perfect for tired eyes that require revival. As an add-on to any facial treatment, this provides re-contouring and firming of the delicate skin around the yes. The organic Vitamin C will boost and improve collagen and elastin regeneration, making fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced after only one treatment.

Neck and Decollete Treatment 30min $60

A 30minute treatment that targets the visible appearance of sagging skin around the neck and decollete area. The Vitamin C mask visibly firms and tightens the treatment through boosting collagen and elastin regeneration.


Waxing for Ladies and Gents

From brows to toes and everything in between! My aim is to put you at ease.

Hot wax is used on the bikini area which is less painful, and does not lift skin.

We can assist with and address the dreaded ingrown hair problem with treatment and advice.

To make your waxing experience more comfortable, here are a few things to take note of:

  • Pick your time

    Ladies don’t book a wax the week before or during your period as your pain threshold is lower, making you more sensitive during the wax.
  • If you are a moon gazer

    If you wax after full moon the hair growth is slower. If you wax while the moon is growing (before full moon), your hair grows back faster (this goes for cutting your hair too).
  • Reduce pain

    You can take Panadol 30 minutes before your wax to help reduce pain.

  • Be consistent

    Book your next wax after each appointment. Regular waxing damages the hair follicle making the hair weaker and finer and resulting in a quicker, less painful experience. Do not shave in between waxes!
  • Exfoliate

    Exfoliate the day before your wax. This helps to remove dead skin cells, lift any hairs that might be just under the skin and assists the wax to adhere to these shorter hairs. It is a good idea to use a really good exfoliator in between waxing.
  • Exfoliate with a Skin stimulator

    A MUST HAVE! The best loofah’s available to assist with wax after care. By using the Skin Stimulator daily, you slow down the hair growth and lift any potential ingrown hairs. The Skin Stimulator is filtrex foam which has no memory and therefore does not store dead skin cells; it rinses clean with every wash and lasts at least a year. It replaces your daily washcloth or sponge.


Eye Enhancement

Lash tint

The eyes are the windows to the soul - make them look beautiful with a tint.

Brow shape and tint

Eyebrows frame the face. Well-shaped and coloured brows make your eyes look alive, and frame the face.

Lashlift- Elleebana

The hottest lash trend allows you to wake up with luscious, lifted lashes that lasts weeks

Body / Feet

Body Polish

A full body exfoliation followed by a basic full body massage while the body is re moisturised with nourishing oils and creams infused with plant extracts.


Pedicures begin with a softening soak in an oxygenated solution, followed by exfoliation removing all dead skin cells, or hard heels, cuticles pushed back and nails clipped (polish or Japanese polish-shine is optional). The treatment is ended with a mini massage using a nourishing moisturiser to leave your feet soft. Gel or polish is offered.