Whether its a sore back, sore neck, headaches, sciatica or just to unwind and de-stress we can help you!

Unsure of which massage to book?

We charge by time for most massages and after consultation about what you are hoping to achieve we will use a combination of techniques in order to bring about the best result for you.

Give us a call to discuss your needs or simply book in anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes

We recommend at least 45 minutes for your first appointment, for a full body massage 60 min or more if needed.

For our pregnant clients we also have a special table that allows you to lie face down (standard price)

We offer therapeutic, deep tissue, sports, pregnancy and relaxation massage as well as Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Tuina Massage, Guasha Treatments, Guasha Facial Massage

If you would like to book any of the highlighted massages please let us know at the time of booking as they are only available with some therapists (trained/qualified in these techniques)

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Therapeutic Massage

A massage to treat specific problems and/or general well-being. Various techniques will be used in order to bring about best results focusing on problem areas.

Sports Massage

If you are in training or close to an event, please discuss your needs with your therapist.

Hot Oil Head Massage (Indian Head Massage)

A truly therapeutic, relaxing massage with infused oils to nourish the hair, relax the scalp and ease away tension in the face and neck shoulders and upper back. You will leave with oily hair but won't care because you will be so relaxed! 


With essential oils chosen to uplift the mind, relax the body and re-store balance within.

ADD $10

Cupping Massage | Tui na | Guasha

A treatment that has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, glass or plastic cups are placed over areas of tension in the body and slid along the muscles using oil to help reduce adhesions, tension and promote circulation by squeezing and drawing up stagnate blood and other toxins to promote healing.

Tuina is the practice of massaging the body to prevent or treat disease or trauma. Through different manipulations which include pushing, plucking, rubbing, kneading, and pressing the skin and muscles, the yin and yang of the body are balanced, the internal organs are regulated, and proper circulation of energy and blood are promoted.

Gausha is a Chinese medicine therapy where a small board is used to scrape and rub lubricated skin until redness and small red dots (sha) appear on the skin. Guasha stimulates the skin, improves circulation of blood and energy, and removes blockages and toxins from the body.

Facial Guasha

Facial Guasha is a gentler technique applied to the face. It originated in China and is reputed to reduce the effects of aging and enhance the condition of the skin. It is claimed that regular facial Guasha can promote growth of new skin cells, improve complexion, and increase elasticity and firmness of the skin. Facial Guasha does not induce red dots (sha).


Pregnancy Massage

We have a pregnancy massage table which allows you to lie down on your front - it has a supportive sling for your beautiful belly (not always suitable in latest stages of pregnancy - in this case side lying or seated is an option).

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage to reach the deeper muscle groups using firm pressure.

Hot Stone Massage

A deep tissue massage performed using warm smooth stones, which are placed over sore spots and used to massage the muscles, breaking down tension and tightness. The perfect winter massage.


Foot massage to relieve tension based on reflex points on the feet which are linked to every part of the body. Reflexology can aid in detoxifying the body , relieve pain, improve blood supply and restoring the body’s equilibrium. A course of 6 treatments is usually required for optimum results, but makes for a great one off treat for your feet (and whole body)


Pressure is applied to one or more of the 650 pressure  points to assist in treating disorders in the body such as back pain, headache, fatigue, anxiety, stress and tension, feelings of melancholy, and immune system deficiencies.

Cupping Facial Massage

Suction cups are used to stimulate skin and muscles in order to promote blood circulation resulting in relieved muscle tension, promoting cell repair and regeneration.

Guasha Facial Massage

A massage technique designed to relieve tension in the face muscles, boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.

Specialist Massages are only performed by therapists trained in those techniques, so please request at time of booking


Specialist Massages:


Specialist massages are :

Indian head Massage



Hot Stone Massage